Let’s redefine what it means to be a female entrepreneur

Define success in your own terms

In a culture that values more and bigger, meeting one goal generally means creating a new one with higher expectations. But what if you and you alone set your personal standards of success? What if you defined your boundaries based specifically on your why and your metrics for success?

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1:1 Intensive with Erika

"I am extremely grateful for my coaching experience with Aught. My time in their coaching program with Erika has been an incredible gift to not only my business, but my life as a whole. "

"As an entrepreneur herself, Erika understands all the moving parts. Her authenticity is incredible and her ability to take the big overwhelming parts of running my business and breaking it down into manageable pieces has brought the joy back into owning my business! She also understands the connection between our businesses and all the other parts of our lives and has helped me in finding those healthy balances. I highly recommend coaching with Aught, 10 stars!!!"


"I finally feel like I know who/what my company is. With this new company vision I can sell my services so much easier and do things I enjoy."

Holly Carpenter,
Carpenter Hospitality Consulting.

We define “business coaching” differently...because women do things differently

If you are a female entrepreneur who has already launched your business, you are in the right place! We believe in creating space where it has never existed and offering freedom to define your entrepreneurship journey in a way that you get to decide. We believe in walking alongside you on your journey because you weren’t meant to hustle alone. Let us guide you toward the path of fulfillment because joy & possibility in entrepreneurship shouldn’t be optional.

We are here for you...because WE ARE YOU.


For female entrepreneurs looking for business coaching tailored to them.

  • Weekly calls via Zoom
  • Quarterly 1:1 Strategy Sessions
  • Dedicated Slack channel

What's Included:

1:1 Intensive with Erika

For female entrepreneurs looking for 1:1 time with Erika to work on Anything At All

  • Sessions range from 2 hours to full day sessions

What to expect:

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why invest in coaching?

  • Dedicated time to invest in yourself and your business.
  • A place on your calendar to get *ish done
  • Be connected to a community of women building & leading profitable businesses that support their lives
  • Face to face time with Erika- someone who has been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale
  • Time to define what work/life balance means
  • A supportive environment where the impossible becomes doable
  • A like-minded community
  • Get the tools & collaboration to bring your ideas to life

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What to Expect...

The Process

Clarity Call with Erika Biddix, founder of Aught

Commit to investing in your business by joining the Mastermind or investing in a 1:1 intensive

Official onboarding call

Your journey begins!!





"I finally feel like I know who/what my company is. With this new company vision I can sell my services so much easier and do things I enjoy."

Holly Carpenter,
Carpenter Hospitality Consulting

mastermind FAQs

Are you offering individual coaching?

Yes - you can either schedule a call with Erika and she'll walk you through what this would look like or you book a two hour 1-1 session with Erika for $300.

What if I can't make a call?

We will record each session and share links afterward.


Schedule a free clarity call

But that’s getting ahead of the story…

“One awesome thing about Aught is that WE ARE the story of entrepreneurship”

which helps women to redefine entrepreneurship, success and boundaries for themselves, their businesses and their families. Women can belong to Aught through virtual communities, their Redefine Mastermind, coworking spaces and more.

Erika’s story is informed by community at its best, filled with women who showed her the power of collaboration over competition and mutual mentorship. She’s committed to sharing this message with future generations - that all women deserve seats at all the tables (and the opportunity to build them if that’s their thing!)

Erika lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her three overly confident children and professor husband, and if awake, she’s likely aggressively helping someone pursue their dreams.

Erika Biddix firmly believes that it’s never too late to discover your purpose, that women can do anything at all, and that the power of community can create magic. 

A meeting and event planner of 20+ years, Erika initially jumped into entrepreneurship in an attempt to gather agency over her own life and schedule.  “being your own boss” does not negate societal pressures and norms women in the workforce are historically bound by. Plus, when accolades and income are the metrics by which most companies are judged, exhaustion is a natural byproduct.

Meet Erika Biddix, coach at Aught

Good news though - it helped her develop the “Aught method"...

In 2019, she attended a magical keynote in Toronto, Canada. She walked into the room a business owner, and left as an entrepreneur with purpose. Words spoken from the stage changed her ENTIRE outlook. Instead of searching for “one great thing” she could do to change the world (and frankly, starting to get scared she wasn’t going to meet that expectation) she realized that she could be supporting other women in doing THEIR great things!

Initially a coworking space known as Girl Boss Offices, Erika was now simultaneously founding and growing a company built on a foundation of purpose, while suffering entrepreneurial overload with her ability-based business. Despite growing Biddix Meetings and Events to a seven-figure agency with Fortune 500 clients and national recognition, that particular entrepreneurial journey ended with a spectacular case of overwhelm and burnout.  

So, she started Aught, a company on a mission to change lives and local communities through female entrepreneurship

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aught intensive

Come hang with us and others just like you

This isn’t a weekend of pep rallies, followed by a crash course return to work, leaving a notebook full of ideas to gather dust. This is a straight-up Aught experience - if we’re going to pull you away from your business and family for a few days, we’ll make it worth your while. We believe in what’s possible for you today, tomorrow, and all the days after. Let’s work together to redefine the entrepreneurship journey for you and your business, your family, and your community.

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