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Aught Means Anything At All

Designed originally as a coworking space, Aught was a vision based on the necessity of community. That community has flourished, and so has our ability to serve women leading and building businesses. Aught understands the unique challenges that women in business face, and we believe that support from other women on the same journey, and a community that gets you and your pursuit of anything at all is paramount in enjoying the work you do.

With female-fostered support and guidance, you can get help staying on track and getting *ish done.

Societal norms and historic constructs do NOT have to dictate how the journey plays out, or what success looks like. You get to decide everything, in the ways that make sense to you, with a supportive community that will help you achieve and celebrate even the biggest of dreams.

And Anything At All? That’s just the beginning.

"I love my days at Aught when I can bounce ideas off other creative minds and
simply socialize with supportive, like-minded women"

Halee Sprinkle, Czech Yourself Marketing

Meet Our Team

Erika Biddix firmly believes that it’s never too late to discover your purpose, that women can do anything at all, and that the power of community can create magic.  

She's on a mission to change lives and local communities through female entrepreneurship with multiple businesses, including Aught, The Permission Slip Conference and Erika Biddix, Entrepreneurial Strategist. She helps women to redefine entrepreneurship, success and boundaries for themselves, their businesses and their families.  

Erika’s story is informed by community at its best, filled with women who showed her the power of collaboration over competition and mutual mentorship. She’s committed to sharing this message with future generations - that ALL women deserve seats at ALL the tables (and the opportunity to build them if that’s their thing!)

Erika lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her three overly confident children and professor husband, and if awake, she’s likely aggressively helping someone pursue their dreams.

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ERIKA, Founder

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