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Aught Means Anything At All

Designed originally as a coworking space, Aught was a vision based on the necessity of community. That community has flourished, and so has our ability to serve women leading and building businesses. Aught understands the unique challenges that women in business face, and we believe that support from other women on the same journey, and a community that gets you and your pursuit of anything at all is paramount in enjoying the work you do.

With female-fostered support and guidance, you can get help staging on track, get advice on next steps and go all in with coaching, events and interactions that can really help you get *ish done.

Societal norms and historic constructs do NOT have to dictate how the journey plays out, or what success looks like. You get to decide everything, in the ways that make sense to you, with a supportive community that will help you achieve and celebrate even the biggest of dreams.

And Anything At All? That’s just the beginning.

Empowering you in your pursuit of Anything At All 

Hello, I’m Aught's Founder

A meeting and event planner of 20+ years, Erika initially jumped into entrepreneurship in an attempt to gather agency over her own life and schedule. This was great while it lasted, but as her company became more “successful”, she realized that “being your own boss” does not negate societal pressures and norms women in the workforce are historically bound by. Plus, when accolades and income are the metrics by which most companies are judged, exhaustion is a natural by product.

But that’s getting ahead of the story…

The pandemic that rocked the world came close to flattening both of my businesses, but we weathered the storm and both companies emerged stronger.

Biddix Meetings, with the assistance of amazing industry partners, grew from a one-woman operation to multiple seven-figure business. With the sale of Biddix Meetings + Events, Erika focused her attention on Girl Boss Offices. She rebranded the company to Aught and launched expanded offerings, including multiple coworking offices, coaching
programs, retreats, virtual communities, and franchises.

"I love my days at Aught when I can bounce ideas off other creative minds and
simply socialize with supportive, like-minded women"

Halee Sprinkle, Czech Yourself Marketing

“We want to be your personal cheerleaders”

We are often referred to as aggressively helpful, community cultivators, and cheerleaders for all women. As we all walk the journey of female entrepreneurship, we're excited about the opportunity to help others along the way! We believe the entrepreneurship journey is similar for everyone - but it's how we experience it and our current place on it that makes it uniquely ours. Women owe it to each other to openly share information with those who are newer and to ask questions of those more experienced. Entrepreneurship is so much better when done together.

Redefining entrepreneurship for every woman's individual business, self, and family

What is Aught?

It's the power of creating the life you want, supported by work you love.

It's building and leading a business based on YOUR Aspirations, Boundaries and definition of Success.

It's leaving the "it's always been this way" way BEHIND and paving your own way.

You. Your business.  Your family. Your community. They're all important - and Aught believes that Anything At All is possible for each.  Tell us your dreams, so we can help you make them a reality.

Aught is Anything At All.

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