Come sit with us, come cowork with us

Have you been running your business from the kitchen table? Are you missing that tangible “thing” that makes you feel legit and professional? Come check us out! We’re stocked with dedicated desks, all the office supplies you need, and of course, snacks and coffee. But our most significant inclusion? It’s the women - the community of other female entrepreneurs that make up Aught.

Wing women, professional colleagues, mentors, mentees, cheerleaders, shoulders to cry on - we are all that and more for each other

“Aught is a place where you can thrive and expand your business beyond measure,
just by talking to the person at the desk next to you.”

Casey Harris-Parks,
Heart Full of Ink

Get a professional and affordable office space with the bonus of a pretty cool group
of coworkers

Need a space to call your own, or just looking for colleagues, or looking for a new location/franchise? Aught can be your headquarters as you expand your business network and grow to new heights. This is perfect for entrepreneurs at every stage, from just launching to those who have been hard at work for several years. You'll make friends with the other members and create a long-lasting, daily support system. You'll be inspired by their success and they'll help you celebrate yours!

Membership options for female entrepreneurs at every stage

Coworking West Knoxville

Coworking Downtown Knoxville

408 Ebenezer Road
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923

520 West Summit Hill Drive, Suite 601
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

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Coworking Membership

What's Included:

Dedicated desk, 24/7 access, WiFi, utilities, a mailing address, a business phone number, meeting rooms in both locations, internal programming, snacks, coffee, events, and friends! We offer private offices, semi-private offices (2 desks), and desks in our shared rooms (3 - 4 desks). Each lease is for 3 - 12 months and the desk is dedicated to that leaseholder - so feel free to leave all your papers and files at work and decorate the space in your own way!

THe Investment:

Starting at $325/month

What to Expect...

The Coworking Process

Take a tour of the office in person or virtually

Choose your desk type, location and lease length, then sign your lease!

Move in!

Meet our current members

Just some of the awesome women who call Aught home, virtually or in-person

view other amazing members

Halee Sprinkle

Rowan Young

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Frog Greishaw

Frog Juice Kombucha

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Jasmine Newton

Javon Renee Portraits

Meet Erika Biddix, Founder of Aught

“One awesome thing about Aught is that WE ARE the story of entrepreneurship”

Erika Biddix firmly believes that it’s never too late to discover your purpose, that women can do anything at all, and that the power of community can create magic. 

A meeting and event planner of 20+ years, Erika initially jumped into entrepreneurship in an attempt to gather agency over her own life and schedule.  “being your own boss” does not negate societal pressures and norms women in the workforce are historically bound by. Plus, when accolades and income are the metrics by which most companies are judged, exhaustion is a natural byproduct.

But that’s getting ahead of the story…


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coworking FAQs

Is there a dress code?

This is your office, so it's your dress code! Some members wear business attire, others come in their workout clothes. It's up to you!

What about pets and kids?

Our offices are pet-free. There are not many spaces or activities for kiddos. A lot of members are working moms though - so we understand needing to have a tagalong to stop and grab something, or to do a quick work session.

Can I get mail or phone calls at the office?

Your full lease includes the use of our address as your business address and a phone number and extension that will forward to any phone number you provide.

With all the members in one space, is it noisy?

It's not a silent space, but it is significantly quieter than working at a coffee shop. Most members bring headphones and respect when others need "alone time.” We do have plenty of space in the Friends and Family Room and Kitchen to hang out and chat.

What is your guest policy?

Guests are allowed for meetings, tours, etc. Some locations do offer Day Pass Memberships if you have a friend that wants to work with you for a full day.

Can I hold meetings at the office?

Yes, definitely!!! Our spaces provide you with a professional meeting space (again, more private than a coffee shop!). You can use the shared spaces or book one of the conference rooms. Conference room use is booked via a shared calendar on a first come first serve basis and is included in the membership.

Do you rent your conference rooms?

We are open to conference room rentals for local company needs that match our mission of supporting female entrepreneurship. Email to inquire.

What if I don't need a full-time desk?

Some of our locations offer a Day Pass Membership - check out our locations for those that do! It comes with all of the community perks + a set # of day passes each month. So while you may not be able to get into an office multiple times a week, you still have the opportunity to schedule some work days.

Do I have to clean?

The offices are full-service. We abide by the rules of Be Cool, Be Kind, Be Nice. So while we do empty the trash weekly and refill the printer with paper, it's expected that all of our members keep the office picked up and inviting. This may mean refilling the paper towels or filling the Keurig with water.

What are the rules?

Be Cool. Be Kind. Be Nice. So long as you're following those 3 rules, you're probably pretty good. We do have a handbook you'll receive upon joining, but most of that is entry procedures, etc.

Tell me about the snacks and drinks

We've got 'em! Each office has water and coffee, and a variety of snacks - granola bars, chips, cheesesticks. We try to keep member favorites stocked. West Knoxville has cornered the market on popcorn.

Is there storage available?

There are storage options at each office location. Availability varies depending on location.

Can I decorate my desk area?

Yes - it's your space, and we want you to love it! We do have some restrictions on how many nails you use, but as long as you're not damaging anything, you're welcome to decorate.

What do I need to bring?

Your computer, phone, and chargers! As long as you bring your hardware, we can pretty well promise we've got anything else you need.

What isn't included?

We do not provide fax services, IT services, or color printing.

What are the office hours?

The offices are available 24/7. Members have their own keys and codes and each has a multistep security entry.

Interested in bringing the Aught mission to your community?

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Franchising allows current female entrepreneurs to create the community and coworking space they have been looking for in their community. Franchisees will serve as the chief cheerleaders, encouragers, and community builders for their members, while also providing a professional workspace in their city. We've got a whole blueprint ready to go for you, an affordable investment, and a plan to help you and your members succeed.

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