Aught is WHERE.

WHERE anything at all is possible
WHERE you can be in community 
WHERE you cowork 
WHERE you’re supported 
WHERE collaboration over competition lives
WHERE you gain the confidence to believe
WHERE you discover your power to execute 
WHERE magic happens
WHERE your purpose can be realized

aught is where you belong

“My clients have been the sun and Aught has been the soil that has kept me
grounded and nourished."

Jade Potter, IBCLC,
Milk + Honey Lactation Services

You deserve a place where anything is possible for you.

It is so much easier to do entrepreneurship together in a community that supports you wholeheartedly. Entrepreneurship can be scary and filled with uncertainty—we are here to provide a supportive community that cheers you on each step of the way.

you can hang with us

Our stories are of individual success

The results speak for themselves

One owner started with our coworking space as a solopreneur and now has 2 full-time employees and her business has become international.

One owner has grown from a one-woman operation to a team of 3.5 and credits over 60% of her business bookings to her membership at Aught.

One owner started solo and now has a part-time employee who allows her to fulfill her goal of traveling for months at a time.

Meet our current members

Just some of the awesome women who call Aught home, virtually or in-person

Halee Sprinkle

Casey Harris-Parks

Shaunda Jones

Erin Reece

Czech Yourself Marketing

Live Fuller with Shaunda

Bear Financial Solutions

Heartfull of Ink

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Love What You Do.  Love Where You Do It.