April 28, 2023

What If Your Dreams Had No Limits?

I spent last week announcing that I was retiring from my first company and career – and then headed to a retreat in Florida with my business coach.

The retreat from the “real” world gave me the space and time I didn’t know I needed to process what exactly I’d *done*. And when it hit me, it was with overwhelming feelings of gratitude, bravery, pride and KNOWING that I’d done the right thing. Actual text to my husband shown here. – Erika

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster – you have no idea where the ups and downs and twists and turns are going to be – you just know you’ve allowed yourself to take the ride.

Aught, LLC is here in whatever way you need – as your friend who rides with her arms in the air, the one who rests her hands on your shoulders to keep you calm and DEFINITELY the one who cheers you on for doing something scared.

Let us help you – with coworking, community, coaching or all of the above. Check out all of our resources, and reach out to let us know how we can best support you!


Come sit with us!

For female entrepreneurs at all stages, this is a safe space for you to ask questions, vent about an annoying business concern, get advice, make friends who “get it,” and more.

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