April 28, 2023

Thank YOU for an awesome 2022!

I’m writing this in my pj’s next to the fire AND two dogs barking at the mail man, laundry piling up, three kids already bored on break and a pile of presents to wrap!  Just a reminder that rest doesn’t always look like a mimosa on a yacht.

From Aught, we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our community – our members, our encouragers, our quiet watchers, our friends and family – anyone and everyone who believes in and supports our mission of changing lives and local communities through female entrepreneurship.

This year we’ve:

  • Hosted over 25 women as members of our coworking spaces
  • Welcomed close to 200 women in our free private Facebook community
  • Held our first in person retreat
  • Started our first coaching program where members are celebrating wins weekly – including one who grew her sales 250%!!!
  • Celebrated our third business birthday

There have also been new babies born, countless relationships developed, businesses strengthened and so much more to be proud of!

Our 2023 calendar is full of opportunities for Aught to serve YOU and YOUR business – free online workshops, a new coaching program, in person and virtual retreats and more!  Check out all of the current information on our website  or on our socials.

If we can ask for one gift from you – it’s to share Aught with any female entrepreneur(s) you know – we’d love to welcome them to our community in the new year.

We’re so grateful for you and sending you warm wishes as you celebrate the end of 2022 and the beginning of what will surely be a fantastic 2023!

– Erika


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