April 28, 2023

So I Walk Into a Podcast Recording

If you take a look under our “Media” section – you’ll see that we have been blessed with a ton of opportunities to tell the story of Aught (and GBO – let us know if you’re confused about that…)I’ve been lucky to have a ton of opportunities to tell the story of Aught (and GBO — let us know if you’re confused about that…)

Two years ago we recorded our first episode with Catherine Porth, founder of Let Her Speak — back when we were still Girl Boss Offices, a single location coworking space for female entrepreneurs. Pre-name change, pre-second location, pre-coaching and virtual community, and frankly, pre-mission to change lives and local communities through female entrepreneurship.

LHS published that old episode last week, followed by a second episode recorded just a few months ago. Talking about Aught is like breathing for me, so I often have no real memory of what I talked about, so as I often do, I listened to both episodes to see what I actually said.

And this time, I said out loud — “Damn. That’s good.” I’ll think this sometimes after listening to a conversation I participated in — every once in a while I’ll even tell my husband or a friend that I’m proud of something I said. But it’s a whole other ball game to say that out loud to my community and beyond.

But why? Truth is — I was really proud while listening to both of these episodes. I hear a woman who knows her purpose, who speaks confidently about her company and mission and who is speaking truth about her experiences.

If this was a friend of mine, and not myself, I’d be sending her high fives and Wonder Woman GIFs on text for some of the good words she was sharing. So why am I nervous to say that out loud about myself? If you listen to episode #2, you’ll hear Catherine and I discuss how lived experience keeps us from often celebrating ourselves.

So, trying this fear experiment and telling all of you via email that I’m proud of these episodes, and I hope you listen and enjoy. And I hope you take the chance to say “Damn. That’s good.” about something you’ve created or participated in or supported really soon!

Erika Biddix is the founder of Aught, a company on a mission to change lives and local communities through female entrepreneurship. You can find her documenting her days on Instagram and can learn more at www.aughtentrepreneurs.com 

Listen to the podcasts episodes referenced here:

Leaving a Legacy with Erika Biddix, 2020

Riding the Rollercoaster of Life with Erika Biddix, 2022


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