April 28, 2023

I’m Retiring in 2023

I’m retiring in 2023.

I became an entrepreneur when I opened Biddix Meetings + Events in 2016. It was the first chapter in a story I didn’t realize I was writing.

In the six years since I hit “submit” on my business registration application, I’ve learned what entrepreneurship offers, and what it requires. I’ve worked harder but smarter, slept less but enjoyed more, run a small operation but reaped the benefits of community. 

In the summer of 2019, I walked into a room full of meeting industry professionals in Toronto – not realizing that my life would forever change. I entered as a business owner, and left with a new mission. This singular day, informed by years of entrepreneurial experience, launched a coworking space originally known as Girl Boss Offices.

The pandemic that rocked the world came close to flattening both Biddix Meetings and Girl Boss Offices. But, we weathered the storm and both companies emerged stronger.

GBO rebranded to Aught, LLC and launched expanded offerings, including multiple coworking offices, coaching programs, retreats, virtual communities and franchises. Biddix Meetings, with the assistance of amazing industry partners, grew from a one-woman operation to a multiple seven-figure business. Both companies entered 2023 in positions of strength, growth and focused service.

But once again, it’s time to hit “submit”.

When I started Biddix Meetings, it was the right time for my family, career and myself. Yet, the reality of running two growing companies that require significant time, mental and emotional bandwidth, and emails (so. many. emails.), means that it’s time to narrow my focus and energies. So, effective today, I’ll be dedicating my time to Aught, my family and kids, who are growing faster than I thought possible.

As I wind down a 20+ year career and the company that carried my name, I am humbled by and grateful for the clients that trusted me, vendors that partnered with me, and mentors that supported me as I learned and grew as an entrepreneur.

I am excited to continue to support my fellow female entrepreneurs on their journeys, and I hope that you’ll continue to follow this next chapter.
This next season promises to be one filled with so much joy and excitement, and I am ready!


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